Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Worm your way into the Bioblitz!

This just in from the Earthworm Society of Britain and Natural History Museum who will be 'worm-charming' at Lepe Country Park on 22 May:

'Did you know there are 27 species of earthworms in Britain? Or that earthworms breathe through their skin? How about that they eat their own weight in food each day?

'Come and join us on a fantastic FREE day out for all the family and go on earthworm hunting expedition. Get your hands dirty and dig away, learning how to identify the different species. Meet experts from the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) at the New Forest Bioblitz (Lepe Country Park) on Saturday 22 May and ask all your burning earthworm questions! ESB event includes handling, identification and exploration of soil biodiversity.

'Fame facts: The ESB recently featured in Episode 1 of the Natural History Museum's TV Series 'Museum of Life' and Emma Sherlock, ESB President, recently discovered a new species of blue worm whilst researching in Nicaragua!'

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