Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Exciting update

Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre has been in touch with a breakdown of the species we recorded in the bioblitz and some interesting finds.

National Park Ecologist Ian Barker summed up: 'Our most exciting find was the ‘Scarce Merveille du Jour’ moth in Denny Wood near Lyndhurst. This species is classified as rare nationally and is the subject of a special protection plan in Hampshire, as well as being a New Forest speciality. It is the earliest record for Hampshire by two days - no doubt due to the recent warm weather.

‘We also saw many New Forest specialities including the noctule bat and birds such as the nightjar and curlew.

Here's the breakdown into groups:

Group                                                 Species
Amphibians & Reptiles                            2
Birds                                                     66
Mammals                                                4
Fish                                                         2
Fungi                                                       7
Invertebrates                                         116
Plants including lichens and lower plants 218
TOTAL                                                415

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