Saturday, 22 May 2010

Announcing the final total!

Thanking everyone who has taken part in the first New Forest National Park Bioblitz. It's been an amazing 24 hours! Thanks to all the experts and volunteers who have made the event such a success but above all, thanks to the members of the public who have taken part and made the day so rewarding.

So.... drum roll... the final tally of species recorded in 24 hours in the National Park for the 2010 Bioblitz is....


Ian Barker, NPA Ecologist said: 'I would like to think this is something we can set ourselves as a challenge for next year. There are still identifications coming in and we might reach 500 by the time they are all recorded.

'It is not just the numbers of species that's important - we have had a lot of contact with members of the public with really positive feedback from lots of people taking part. Hopefully they will be some of the recorders of the future who we have influenced.'

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