Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Meet the naturalist!

Phil Budd, an ecological consultant and also a member of Southampton Natural History Society, will be helping us out this year. We asked him a few questions...

What do you record Phil?
Anything living and large enough to see with the naked eye! I am most interested in invertebrates, fungi & lichens.

What do you think of Bioblitz?
It was good last year and probably will be better this year. I've also been to the Alresford Biolblitz and would like to do one in Southampton sometime.

Do you have a fascinating New Forest wildlife fact?
It has the greatest concentration of valley mires (lowland acidic bogs) anywhere in Europe.

How did you become interested in wildlife?
I cant remember now but it seems to have happened spontaneously at about the age of 10!

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