Saturday, 22 May 2010

More worm facts

Dan Carpenter of the Natural History Museum and Earthworm Society of Britain tells us everything we need to know about worms!
  • There are 26 species of worms in Britain
  • Put simply, there are three different ecological groups:
      • pale worms which live in the soil
      • red worms which eat leaves
      • large ones which make vertical burrows
  • Worms are both male and female at the same time. It doubles your chance of a date! They do need another animal to mate
  • Worms are good at regenerating sections of their body. If you chop of the tail it will grow back


  1. Is it my garden, or are worms becoming extinct? This year in particular, I have seen very few worms when turning the soil.

  2. Hi Steve. Thanks for the post. We don't really have any info on a reduction in worms but I'd suggest contacting our friends at the Earthworm Society ( to see if they have any up-to-date info.


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