Friday, 16 April 2010

Caught on camera

A pair of New Forest Goshawks have started nesting in preparation for parenthood and a project between the RSPB, the New Forest National Park Authority, the Forestry Commission and Carnyx Wild, will capture it all on camera.

Visitors can get a close-up view of these magnificent birds of prey and watch their progress as part of the Date with Nature project, available to view on-line.

A nest was identified by the Forestry Commission and the camera set up at the end of March.
Live footage is beamed from the nest camera into the Forestry Commission’s New Forest Reptile Centre, near Lyndhurst. Staff and volunteers are on hand to explain more about the bird’s behaviour and answer questions.

Theresa Paul, project officer said: “The technology we have allows people to get a unique view into the fascinating lives of these birds. Watching the relationship between the adult pair and their new chicks as they develop is a real privilege.”

From June, a pair of Hobbies, which breed later in the season, will take their turn in the limelight. Chicks should be ready to hatch in July and fledge in time for people to watch before the end of the project in August.

Last year the project saw more than 19,000 people visit the centre to watch the drama unfold, and the project’s website clock up 581,000 visits.

You can watch live footage of the birds in their nest online at:

Theresa added: “The New Forest is a very special place and home to a many different types of wildlife, not just birds. We hope this project will inspire people to learn more about nature, including how best to avoid disturbing species when visiting the Forest during the breeding season.”

A Date With Nature in the New Forest runs daily from 1 April to 31 August, 10am to 4.30pm. Entry to the Reptile Centre is free although donations for parking are welcome.

A Date With Nature in the New Forest project timeline:
  • Goshawk nest building March
  • Goshawk camera installed mid-end March
  • Event open 1 April – 31 August
  • Egg-laying April
  • Eggs hatch May
  • Goshawk chicks fledge June
  • Hobby nest refurbishment early June
  • Egg-laying June
  • Eggs hatch July
  • Chicks fledge August

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  1. There are three, possibly four eggs in the nest now


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